Friday, 7 November 2014

Multi Levels & Shiny New Con Kit

A good day today with the successful implementation of the multiple level system allowing you to create standalone executables that contain many levels. The Win Zone trigger zone is now your portal into another world, and a completely untested one at that.

Right now I am working on building the installer and doing the standard blanket tests before I release it to an FTP site.  This will (might) be the internal alpha testers version for the weekend, but it all depends on Rick's assessment this evening as to whether it's together enough for an internal release.

In other news, we have had a wave of new assets including new grenade sound effects which are cool, and final artwork for the Con Kit menu system to almost entirely eliminate the programmer art from the entire software offering.

I had the opportunity to go out to play darts this evening, and drink a decathlon of Guinness but I decided to spend my evening making sure this build is solid before the weekend hits.  The weather has truly turned now here in Wales so no more sunny weekends in the garden, which keeps me attached to the PC for the foreseeable Winter.  No specific date as yet for the official V1.009, and I am sure you are eager to get your hands on it, so will be pushing now to get these tests completed so I can sort out an upload and give you something to enjoy over the rainy and snowy weekends to come.


  1. Now all we need is a mode beginning with 'H'!! Get it.

  2. sounds good looks good ;) cant wait for the 09 release, does the screen shot of the conkit option mean it will be in 09 final release after alphas are done or?

  3. is tri planar in for v109? and how is it used

  4. So, is this like the mission/level trigged thing I suggested to the FPSC reloaded forums back in 2013? If so, that's awesome.

    1. It's basically exactly what we had in FPSC X9 (FPSC Classic). You can place down an area in the level that triggers the next level to load. Bear in mind this isn't continuous level loading (AKA Half-Life 2-style). When you walk into the zone a loading screen will be displayed.

      Additionally (assuming Lee has implemented this already), you can call a command from a LUA script to change levels.

  5. Fantastic !!
    All sounds well worth the wait ...

  6. well I was giving up on this project but sounds like I should watch this space maybey I should of waited before my last comment we will see you already said there would be a lot more builds but this is the longest we waited are you all talk and no action we will see wouldn't be the first time would it when this build finally gets released if it as good as you make it sound then I think a few friend pledgers will follow if you really want pledgers though stop your false talk and take action keep up the good work and don't lie to people if you aint gonna do it don't say it

  7. Would you please replace the < > [ ] keys with keys that work regardless of keyboard layout? Perhaps like the arrowkeys? Or let the user be able to remap those keys. They only work on english/US-keyboard layouts.