Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Welcome to 1399

Ever seen such an ugly bunch of reprobates, well they are coming to a game maker near you, and they're bringing their weapons and bad breath with them in what is bound to be a medieval gathering to remember, so get ready to party until it's 1399!

Of course get too close and it turns from a wonderful fantasy adventure into a barbarian brawl, and it's gonna hurt!

In other news the day was spent putting our world to rights in our monthly strategy meeting, and it's good to report that we're on schedule for a successful launch of GameGuru on Steam.  We've all agreed the priority should remain on stability, performance and key functionality before launching into a gamut of new 'toys' but we will have resources to ensure a steady stream of new content in the form of DLCs and free assets added to the core product over time, so exciting times ahead and can't wait to play your crazy multi-player levels when we release in March!


  1. excellent news can't wait. Are you looking at doing the orcs and goblins pack they were top rate models.and a shame to let them pass by. I will be happy to pay for these above again just for the trouble. :)

  2. We did quickly scroll through all 75 classic model packs for genre ideas and a few did leap out as being perfectly fine for possible GameGuru DLC. Will depend on what individual artists want to do :)

  3. The chap on the right seems to have had an accident ;p

  4. Well same guy jon Fletcher did both packs the one you have here and the orcs wargs lizards goblins and ogres and zombie pack is one of the best packs you have. In my opinion. Hope he says yes. Plus his fantasy weapons pack. Well I will buy and I am sure others will too. :)

  5. Hey Lee!
    I've been having a problem with 1.01 that I've never had in previous betas. I use an Eyefinity triple screen setup and in prior builds, the FOV slider allowed me to get an FOV that suited my screen setup.

    In this new build though, even with the FOV maxed out, my camera's FOV is way too low (unplayable if Im honest.) Also, in the editor, when clicking on an entity, the little pop-up menu with the 3-axis and properties menu is no longer scaled correctly. Again, when editing on 3 screens, it used to be the correct size, but now it is HUGE and many of the options get cut off.

    Any way I can fix this issue on my end or if I can look forward to a fix in future releases? I was really excited to see how well FPSCR/Gameguru was working on 3 screens, regardless if it was intentional or accidental. I'd love to have that back!!!

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