Friday, 6 February 2015

The Good The Bad

A good day in terms of getting a good solid build ready for an early submission to Steam which was always part of the plan to test things out, and everything looked good apart from a few niggles added to Wrike.

My own day however has been marred with the inability of my brain to work out why the Steam SHIFT+TAB does not work (the Steam UI Overlay system), and from 9AM to 9PM I've battled and mostly failed. About an hour or so ago I discovered the using the SetForegroundWindow() helped a little, but it's a dangerous command and flaky inside the child window setup I have for the software IDE and DX app.

I've finished on a high note with the toggle now working from the IDE, and if you ALT+TAB the app it also works in the game, but it does not work when you CLICK inside the editor or game, and the mouse highlighter and click definately do not work.  I've fired off an email to the Steam guys and maybe I can get some insight into how to debug the GameOverlayUI.exe module which so far has been the cause of all my Friday bane and suffering.

Also not eaten since 9AM too so going to put something on TV and eat food, forget about input focus, windows messaging, directinput cooperative modes, keyboard and mouse focus, activation and foreground permissions, and hopefully my brain will create a short list of new things to try when I return tonight or Saturday.

Also some fellow kindly reversed into my car which now has a very deep hole, bent plastic and shards of glass where my front bumper and fog light used to be. Only found out about it today when the garage asked about it, retraced the cars tracks to the pub car park, somewhere between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I could start an investigation, or an insurance claim, but there's no use crying over spilled milk and it was a nice reminder by the universe that leaving my car defenseless in the middle of an empty car park on a Wednesday night is not a good idea on so many levels. If the Steam launch goes well, I can just buy a new bumper, or if it goes really well a new car (not really, my Honda Accord is the best car I've had, anyhoo, back to the eating and developing stuff).


  1. thought we were getting a new update. :( sob sob, been waiting all day and no candy still 2 days leaft, although i was in the view that on tuesday we were getting an update and again today

  2. Yes was there suppose to be an update for everybody before the steam release without the multiplayer or am getting confuse whit old age????

  3. When I first saw that image, I thought 'Wow - that looks great!'. Then I realised that it isn't a Reloaded screenshot but a photo of your car :(

    1. I'm constantly amazed by how many people are unable to immediately tell the difference between RL and CG. My very first thought when I saw that image was, "Oh goodness, poor Lee!".

  4. Not so nice to leave someone damaged car without reporting the owner.
    In the Netherlands this is a serious crime. Succes with FPSCR and your car.

  5. The update will be coming on the 12th

  6. Hi Lee if you are still looking for something for the water effect please take a look at what Evolved has publish mainly at the terrain example and go to the water and under this is very good looking don’t know if this can be use for reloaded

  7. Wow, sorry about your car, man :( That would make me so angry that they didn't leave a note with a phone number.

    If I were you I'd put in an insurance claim. It can a lot easier to claim than you'd think, and the sooner you do that the better. Well worth it, IMO. I mean, you're paying for the insurance, aren't you? May as well use it!