Monday, 2 February 2015

Finished My Game

As you may know I've been occasionally playing far Cry 3 single player mission to learn how a great FPS game is put together, and I can proudly proclaim that I have completed the single player mission and finished as a goodie goodie, an experience that really reconnected me with what makes good combat AI, weapon handling and general level content, and I am sure these subtle lessons will leak into my work as a games engine engineer.

Today has been mainly about very minor tweaks and a whole lot of testing on a build which was almost the one ready for release, but we've identified a few issues that simply could not be ignored, and so we have decided to get those fixed and repeat the testing circus again on Tuesday, with the hope to have something REALLY solid later this week, so watch this space for announcements and I think you will like what you see!


  1. Now you've done Far Cry, suggest you do Medal of Honor. Will the ConKit be in the next build?

  2. " Now you've done Far Cry, suggest you do Medal of Honor. "

    God no don't tell him that !!

    We want the new build not him playing another game :)

  3. This is very important research not “play time” and for what I can read above it is almost ready just some issues to get rid of :)


  4. ReplyDelete

    @Gervais Arsenault

    Erm you get the fact that was a joke ye :)

  5. Can we all have some fun including Lee:)
    Have a good day ...

  6. Way to go Lee on finishing Far Cry 3 as a goodie, goodie! I am on my second go at being the bad guy want to see what happens with Citra! lol You have to try Far Cry 4 sometime..I truly love this game and get my ideas as well!

  7. For the next game to play, I strongly suggest Wolfenstein: The New Order. It's a seriously good FPS and 100% what you should be aiming for!