Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Five Hours Later

After I walked the dog, I returned to the PC with every intention of making some food and watching a bit of Netflix, then I decided to see if I could get my task list down by one item, which was around 7PM, and now at 20 minutes to midnight I am perhaps half way through this 'one' task which just happens to be a text swap both in the IDE and the Editor to prepare what is called a Translation Kit.

I had not planned to do this before the Steam launch as it is quite pervasive to swap out lots of hard coded text for external file reference text, but it appeared in my Wrike list and would have prevented me from finishing my Steam release so I started it, and I think I can finish it by Thursday afternoon which will mean we can start the translation of GameGuru almost at the same time as the main release, and whether this was wise we will see.


  1. Keep at it lee,i to am a fan of netflix.also blinkbox,how viewing has changed.

  2. I sit down a few hours before midnight to play with AO in one of my games, baking in Blender and getting it into the scene. Ended up sleeping at 8AM in the morning. (And overheating the computer twice from bakes causing it to turn itself off. Scary times when you know the Hard-Drive is on its way out.)

    Two days in a row.

    I can associate all too well Lee.

  3. Never wait to the last minute for translation it is always bigger than expected and now you will have plenty of time to test it before release on steam