Monday, 4 August 2014

Zombies Got The Rag

As you may know we are nearing the completion and release of the Zombie pack, and I sent it out to some testers over the weekend. The feedback was two fold. One, the zombies are too slow and Two, the death animations where 'less than ideal'.  The first was easier to handle, as the intent was indeed to create slow moving B-movie style zombies but I will certainly make this clear in the pack description when it goes live, and the second point was a little more thorny.

I decided on the more difficult more path and went back into the ragdoll system to ensure the Zombies could be included in the fun. We now have Zombies that can ragdoll. Once again, thanks to early internal testing, you have a better release as a result.

I have also enabled and tested the WEIGHT and FRICTION properties of all dynamic objects, so you can now decide if your kettle is made of lead or feathers.  In addition, I have been putting priority on quick fixes coming hot of the community press such as the transparency 5 issue and erroneous explosion locations.

It looks like there will be a Hot Fix after all as I want to get these new Zombie powers into the official version ready for the release of the official Zombie pack, so I will be spending most of this week testing and fine tuning to make sure the hot fix is good.  As a bonus you will also get access to some of the extra things I did as a direct response to the community feedback so far so one of the things you will be getting is a Single Stage UNDO feature for terrain, painting and entity addition and removal. Not the most sophisticated undo you will ever see, but it means that accidental hill or deleted entity can now be restored!


  1. Great news on the transparency :) cant wait

  2. great news :D could be possible to add an "entity remove tool" please?

  3. Glad to hear about the undo and the transparency issues being fixed. Even though I probably won't buy the zombie pack (just not into zombie games), you definitely made the right call to go ragdoll. One of my favorite features of this past release is the ragdoll (and the explosions!) :) so it would feel like a step backwards if ragdoll wasn't included in all character releases for FPSCR. Keep up the great work!

  4. Is there any possibility to have something that allows us to measure distance when mapping? I was thinking a dynamic grid of sorts that changed resolution as you zoomed in or out. It would need to have the ability to show height as well as distance, and would need to have configurable units. Please?