Tuesday, 19 August 2014

More Widget Work

I did not anticipate the widget taking so much time, but with the addition of scaling per entity instance and having to store this, and handle it, and various UI changes brought about from a conf call yesterday, it grew slightly. The good news is that the current incarnation is done, and Wednesday I look at adding a free flight system to the editor so you can fly about but get back to top down whenever you want. Hopefully it will all make sense by the time the alpha testers get a hold of it.

I also found an hour to solve the black texture issue on standalone exports, which involved going through the model files one byte at a time, but it's in there now.

A short blog today as I need to eat, and skipped lunch to play a little catch-up.  Had planned to do a little ambient occlusion work but just ran out of minutes for Tuesday :(


  1. good stuff m8, appreciate the amount of time you and the team are putting into this.

  2. Great news. Glad to hear the black texture issue being solved. That one still plagues me a lot lately.