Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Non Widget Day

After many days of widgets, widget for breakfast, widget for dinner, widget for tea, widget for supper, I finally wrestled myself some non-widget tasks to make my Wednesday more fulfilling.  I write this blog at 3PM (early) as I wanted to record a little micro-victory in that as I was creating the REDO code, which I had given myself a whole hour to work on, I started to craft in the ability to add Entity Move to the list of things you can Undo. Great I hear you cry, but that would have extended my original hour and the knock-on would have been EVERYTHING else on my list shifted on!  I took the decision to add it to my task list, but not on Wednesday's list. There it can sit and marinate in a little quality time until suck time as a decision is made which day it shall be coded. This might turn out to be a better strategy to get more tasks done in a day and stays eternally vigilant about tasks that distract!

Other tweaks so far are the File Menu now has the IMPORT MODEL option, which will be having it's debut with V1.009.  The black texture on standalone model issue was finally fixed, which now allows all multi-material models to work in test game AND standalone game. Against my better judgement (on the grounds of performance) the engine now supports these types of models and the store already features this multi-textured leviathans which certainly expand artist choice. I may come back and optimize how the engine handles these down the road :)

The remainder of the days tasks consist of some gun accuracy work and some small editor tweaks and improvements, and in total will represent a good amount of work for Wednesday. In other camps, Ravey is doing well with Steam SDK research and Simon is charging full steam ahead with the Con Kit with a special focus on how the various components will be textured.

On a personal note, my favorite mouse, the one I went on eBay and replaced like for like when the original went scatty, is now exhibiting a strange 'double-left-click' issue every now and again which is starting to get a little noticeable and ever so slightly distracting (maybe 20 times a day). A mouse is a personal thing and finding a replacement is a hard task!  In other animal news, I discovered a Mole had been making it's way across my newly laid grass lawn (well not lawn, big flat area of soil with grass seeds coming through). Funny thing is, the line was almost perfectly straight, a compliment to my earlier work of removing all the rocks and debris from the dirt. To be continued...


  1. I recommend one of those sonic mole repellers, Lee. My mum has one and although the garden across the road from her bungalow has moles hers does not.

    1. My mother's is battery-powered but you can buy solar-powered versions.

  2. (Against my better judgement (on the grounds of performance) the engine now supports these types of models and the store already features this multi-textured leviathans which certainly expand artist choice)
    Many thanks for this guys.

  3. Great news about multi-material there may be hope yet! :)

  4. Dad's old laptop mouse was a crappy Toshiba thing and it started doing double-left-click, no left-click, no right-click, etc. Replaced with a nice new Logitech one :) Incidentally I use an expensive Logitech G700 gaming mouse, which is huge, smooth and accurate. Definitely the best mouse I've ever had.