Thursday, 7 August 2014

What Is This Talk Of Widgets

While I beaver away making key core corrections in the Hot Fix build, Ravey had finished the grunt work on the Importer and sprayed in the territory of testing. I figured it made sense to give him two plates to spin as testing all day can get a little samey, and I elected to give him one of my V1.009 tasks to be chewing on.

You may be pleased to learn this will be making it's way into V1.009 but aside from my quick sketch I did during todays call, I will leave it up to you to guess which feature this will be.  It won't be exactly like this as we are splitting the functionality of it, but having said too much already I will do a better reveal when we have a prototype running.

A few more compatibility tweaks from me and then a build for my lovely alpha testers. A mixed bag the likes of which even almighty Bob has never seen!  I will be asking them to focus on the new Importer module, see if they can trip it up (as Ravey claims it is now indestructible, allegedly).

As a final note, I also helped adjudge the competition winners last night, and spent hours playing some AMAZING games. I had to stop several times and wonder HOW aspects of the game where created, and very warm and fuzzy to know we chose LUA over keeping the FPI system :)  If anything, it spurred me on to make more fixes, tweaks, visual and performance improvements so these highly creative users can do even more with Reloaded!

P.S. If you have not already pledged, and are a regular reader of my blog, you can do me a solid and pledge in the next few days. I have a bet with Rick that the demo would have increased pledge levels by 25%, and I think my bet has backfired :(  Hopefully the new Hot Fix V1.0085 and the subsequent launches it will spawn will help excite the community and generate a few extra pledges.


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  2. Excellent. Happy to hear you got to take a break and play the competition games.

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