Friday, 29 August 2014

Blog Spike

Had a nice spike in my blog readership, probably due to the flaming comments section over the last two days :)  Again, had a great pure day working on ambient occlusion and my little system can now light map on command, skip any light map objects that have already been lit, invalidate other entities that share an light map with one that has been moved/deleted/invalidated. It can also bounce between lit and non-lit to mimic the movement from IDE editor to Test Game. All this is in the integratable prototype and once I have solved one last 'strange' crash, I will be moving it to the main engine for final integration. I will then stick it on an 'F' key and see what happens :)

Also got some great new art in today, featuring new concrete columns and some military/outpost decals which you can slap onto the side of anything you want, giving the place a little personality.

In other close of week news, the Construction Kit is marching along, now with the ability to switch between building block themes, switch texture variations so the tile based block building process looks less formal and more random and is just about ready to involve an artist to produce the high quality geometry and textures we need to make the CONKIT results look topper. As you might have guessed, the theme of the first set of 'prefabs' will be Concrete!

I had some more shots prepared, but I think I will avoid further flame and hold it back until I can show a genuine leap forward, that is, integrated into the Test Game and using the new static_basic.fx shader I am writing for the specific purpose of creating a fast and nice looking static geometry render. Until then, enjoy your weekend and thanks again for your encouragement!


  1. Looks and sounds promising. Great job, Lee.

  2. Hate the weekends,no blog.Enjoy the rest Lee,have a beer or to.

  3. Have a good weekend and some encouragement from me...looking good with what you are working on, forthcoming additions and looking forward to the next few weeks and months and the next releases.

    Even without those I am looking forward to some of the updates you have already integrated for V1.09.

    Thanks for the continued hard work which is much appreciated.


  4. great job, some really exciting changes happening. thx

  5. This is getting exciting, I hate to wait for the new stuff, Good job!!!

  6. I kinda feel sorry for you sometimes, Lee; you get some nasty comments sometimes, and that little flamewar a couple of posts back was particularly bad. Still, your reply was perfect.

    This looks really awesome, and I REALLY like the fact that you said "static geometry renderer". That's 100% the way to go; pre-bake as much stuff as is possible while keeping dynamic objects fully dynamic (and shadowed!).

    Excellent work!

  7. Agreed. The ambient occlusion pre bake for static objects looks fantastic and it will improve performance which is a win-win.

    It's equally important the dynamic entities are kept truly dynamic so they can cast dynamic shadows to keep that side of things looking really good.

    I think the next Reloaded BETA is going to be a huge step up in terms of quality and performance.