Tuesday, 5 August 2014

V1.0085 Out For Testing

As hinted at yesterday, a hot fix will be required for V1.008 in order to allow the new ragdoll Zombies to function, and that means handing it over to our tame group of alpha testers.

It also contains a new 'toy' which will be revealed soon too.  For more hints what extras will be in the Hot Fix, you can check out the weekly news bulletin released today at www.fpscreator.com

Well the good news is that the build has been sent, which temporarily frees me up to do a few tweaks in anticipation of the feedback from these tests. I have decided to attack something that has been bugging me for a few weeks now and that's the apparent speed drop of the editor experience, which in turn seems to be slowing down the IDE. As a side by side test I broke out the old FPSC Classic editor, and it was clear I was loosing some responsiveness.  I have a call at 4PM and no doubt a world of pain responding to the testing feedback, but between now and then, and the spare five minute blocks I find, I will see what I can discover about this drop in editor frame rate.


  1. Zombies are not my thing,but i'me loving all the other work thats going on.Many thanks guys.

  2. I also don't care for Zombies, however what I do like is flexibility. My view is that if you can make Zombies act properly, the chances are that you can probably make any other enemy work properly.

  3. I think I know what causes the FPS drop, and I will email you in a bit

  4. "that means handing it over to our tame group of alpha testers."

    Have you been watching too much Top Gear, Lee? ;)