Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Last Dev Day Before Easter


The final day of development before the long awaited Easter holiday weekend (well not really long awaited, I only found out about it two days ago). Basically means the team will disperse for a few days after today so I am looking to spend less time on blitzing features and more time ensuring we have a solid build so when we return all the code makes sense.

Dave surprised me this morning with a rather funny video, and represents his first day working on new scripting commands:

One issue experienced in the current beta is the slow 'top down editor' part which is using the HIGHEST shader settings. The latest one now migrates the shader settings, and I have just fixed the 'cheap shadow' system so it works in this editor too. Took a few hours, and I still need to increase the texture quality, but it works and any shadow will create a sense of depth which is useful for editing. The cool thing is that because I am now using LOWEST settings, the editor feels much faster, especially when lots of animations and things are placed down in close proximity.

Spent the rest of the battling with the combination of LOWEST settings in the editor, cheap shadows and SUPERFLATMODE=1 which produced a number of very irritating results. Ran out of time to find the cause, but have made a note and will resume the battle in the near future.

New internal build sent to Rick for testing, SVN cleaned up and the team wrapping up their respective offices. Been a good few weeks development and I am looking forward to a chill now, and even more cool development on my return.  I will be sure to pop in from time to time on the forums however to see what's happening with the continuing saga of BETA 1.006.

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