Tuesday, 15 April 2014

BETA Launch Day


After many weeks tweaking and testing, we released the new 1.006 beta onto the unsuspecting public, and the feedback so far is very good. We did a good job testing for stability and the performance improvements are experienced by almost everyone. Those still on HIGHEST settings will see the smallest benefit as we focused on LOWEST for the lower end systems.

Here is a shot of something I was messing with, getting the sky, fog and land color tint to match to create a different feel and style even though it's just plane old LUSH style.

I was planning dive straight into the remaining features of the software, but it was brought to my attention that a better strategy was to stick around the forums and assist in the early feedback of the BETA and help out where I can. I have decided this is a good policy and will continue this until Thursday PM. Friday through Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK, which means my team downs tools and runs for the hills for a much needed recharge.  I also plan to see a few castles over the brief holiday, but will be back every evening to play FALLOUT3 and a few other games I have to catch up with, and of course checking into the forums and maybe doing some more tweaks.

All in all, the teams dedication to focusing on core issues and then PLENTY of testing has produced a solid version which I am happy to release today, and if we spend the next six weeks with the same laser sharp attitude to completing this product in a timely fashion, we'll be in a great place to then add all the cool features you have been voting for on the Vote Board.  Once again thanks to all our pledgers for making this software possible, and we hope you've enjoyed the journey so far.


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  2. Fallout3 is a great reference

  3. For the life of me I can't download the art packs via Reloaded? My login info works on the sites however I receive am invalid error when I try and login via Reloaded? On a side note, I live seeing 100+ fps - great job!!!

  4. I'm also having the same error trying to log in. I have no problem logging into the original site and downloading the new version, but the new site/store won't let me log in even though I've been able to before.

  5. Love the new veg pack esp. the banana trees.Now just got to get those gun toting entities to stop charging me back first ;)