Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thursday Triumphs


Another good day so far of testing and tweaking, mostly playing detective with some rogue memory leaks. The biggest and best news from me is that I managed to reduce the start-up system memory usage by 190MB bringing it down to just 430MB with full terrain system.  We also made some good strides on the store and also some key crash fixes which we found during extensive testing.  Cannot do a big blog as I need to get right back in it. I am currently stepping through the test game in/out process to find out why it can leak anything from 500Kb to 65MB after a single test game session.  This work has already yielded a fix which prevents anything greater than 4MB from being allocated during the test game set-up (at least the DIM stuff), and is just a case of tracking as much of this stuff as possible in the time remaining. All in all, progress goes well!


  1. cool to hear lee m8, and I cant wait to put beta6 through the gauntlet :D...
    on a side note lua scripting is fun and now there is a crude or rather basic crafting system :D only ammo for the pistol right now and possibly useable for health aswell but still fantastic stuff... here is a vid of beta5 and crafting scripts please please when performance performance performance Is done throw in a few more lua commands :D just 2 or 3 lol have a nice night m8

  2. I would love to have a simpler method to edit and/or create the LUA scripts too. Animated and object reactions to be specific. This will make the FPSC much more usable and marketable for the non-programmer.
    I have published and marketed several games over the years and I see this software will make it possible for me to sell more games in the years to come. That is if Microsoft doesn't change our software platform.