Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sat Down For 2, Stayed for 5


Meeting day today so not much time left for serious coding. Made our shortlist for what goes into the BETA and what goes into version after that.  Team working well and already discovered a 19MB leak in the GPU memory caused by real time render targets not being freed.  Added code so just needs testing Wednesday to see if it worked.

I spent my 5 hours preparing the version for the build. Stutter fix went in, that was five minutes, then spent an hour on the aforementioned GPU leak fix but then spent over 3 hours on getting the characters to skip rendering into the shadow system when using cheap shadows (as they only project one pixel which is not much use).  Alas after many frustrating hours, no matter what code I disable or tweak, the characters would NOT go away. Decided to change tracks and return to this one.

I am planning to do some final tests, make a new demo and release to the internal alpha testers in the hopes I have (a) not broken anything and (b) made things a little better and less stuttery for some testers.  Here we go...


  1. im sure it will be fine lee m8, you and team have by the sounds of it had a good go fixing issues :) so when the beta is ready im sure it will hold up to scrutiny.
    still time left yet for more tests and tweaks im sure. but your triple performance work maybe coming to an end, from here on out it could well just be performance ai and scripting :D but I leave that sort of thing to you to figure out lol..keep it up m8 happy days ahead.

  2. Your title today made me smile. I can honestly relate to this, most especially today. Found myself doing more programming than I planned. A lot more.

  3. I completely understand that. Sit down to do something that'll "just take 5 minutes", nothing works and it takes 2 hours.

  4. If you want a "character" to go away, you just put a bullet in him. Easy....onto the next issue.