Friday, 13 December 2013

Thursday Slumber

...he slept muchly that day...tune in Friday night for more exciting tales...


  1. You deserve it bro, I could only imagine the stresses of developing an anticipated easy first person shooter development tool. Save that big brain for exciting features. I look forward to tomorrow.

  2. Sleep? Sleep?!! Ain't got time to sleep! Seriously though, I understand. Best to at least get some rest when you can. I know from personal experience you can get too involved with a project, and end up singing with the birds before noticing.
    I read you have got someone in to develop Occulus Rift support. I'm not against the idea, but I do think it is perhaps a little early for such things yet. I can't afford one, and I'm sure many other people can't either. So it's not something that much bothers me at present. If I did have one of course, I'd be pretty happy, but I suspect that will be a very low percentage of FPSC users, and at the minute, anyone. If I did have £200 or so to spare I figure it would go on a decent graphics card, memory or cpu. Hell, I need a new bed more than an Occulus Rift! I'm sure many FPSC users will not even entertain the option of buying one, and have many, many other things they would put ahead of it! Just my thoughts, I might be in the minority of course!

  3. It's more about promotional opportunities. If we get lots of pledging from the Rift communities, we can develop Reloaded for years and years, which means everyone wins.

    1. You could be right there. I'm sure a lot of Rift owners may pledge to help get games out that support it. Can't be a bad thing! I was purely thinking from the point of view of current pledgers, who let's face it are struggling to run it at any decent speeds at all, although I'm pretty sure the next update will help remedy that for many people. I'm sure many would have prefered you had got in touch with John Carmack for some tips on the engine :p Still, I see your point and, if I had the cash would love to run about a level I made in virtual reality!
      It may be worth you taking a gander at the CastAR glasses by Jeri Ellsworth also. They work differently, but are pretty cool non the less. They actually let you see whats about and use a special reflective surface that allows you to place virtual objects on it. So you could do a Star Wars chess game that actually looks like it is a hologram on your desk! Of course not suited to FPSC with that example. Still worth a look!

  4. I've owned the rift since spring and still throw money at anything that provides native support (and all the 3rd party driver hacks that bring support to existing games) :) It really is a great piece of gear and the consumer version stands to be much more immersive with a higher resolution display. Oculus just raised $75 Million so it's definitely moving forward in positive ways. Just getting Rift support in DBPro would be HUGE for developers who do not want to get involved in UDK/Unity (requires pro license), myself included. I tackled it myself long ago with the DBP source but couldn't grasp the best way to add the headtracking but I imagine it's similar to the past VR headset Lee integrated.

  5. Prefer you put time into a time machine so you can write all the code and 3 years later go back in time to now and release the mighty monster