Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday Christmas Holiday #3

Still Not At Work

Another unofficial blog to close off 2013. Probably going to have a few days away from the PC next week before the slog of 2014 begins in earnest.  To close off nicely, I have added a few more things.

More Non-Performance Bits

The crouch now works within the physics system properly so you can crawl under things, given the enemies a little more strength and connected weapon damage statistics to the shots so different weapons deal a specific amount of damage, solved the culling issues for static batching when things like tree veg is used where culling is not welcome, sky now updates when you enter test game depending on the previously selected choice and one or two small internal tweaks.

The most fun feature added was that I sorted the weapon firing physics, so now the weapons apply forces to the dynamic objects, can detect when solid objects block bullets, no longer shoots all characters in line of the weapon shot, added decal blood for character hurt points and dust flumes for all solid impacts that are non-organic.

Signing Off

Once I added blood decals for characters and gave them more strength, it was VERY apparent that I need the characters to react properly when I shoot them. Right now a decal spraying from them is not a convincing effect any more, and we need some kind of per-limb or general hurt animation to show they have been wounded.  As I have not done ragdoll yet, when I implement this I might find a solution there to create some good reaction effects. The cheat of course is a few extra character animations for basic body parts like head shot, body, arms, legs, e.t.c.  

Still, with the additions from today it's really starting to liven up with crates being shotgun blasted and blood flying everywhere as the player gets ganged up on.  Found myself doing a 'lot' of testing, that is, running around shooting dynamic kettles over and over again :)


  1. Awesome Lee! Its amazing how a few basic elements make it feel like a shooter. Just wondering, will we be seeing a release for this update before long?

  2. Happy New Year Lee! 005 sounds like an awesome leap to a true FPS!

  3. Is it possible for when a grenade is throw, if in close proximity it would have an indicator of where it is? Much like in Fear 3 and Fallout 3?

  4. Awesome work, Lee!

    I opened the FPSC website to see what the prices for pledging were (I'd forgotten) and to see if they were still at the Christmas prices, and...

    I can't believe it...I just pledged at GOLD level!! After all these months of reading every single blog post (haven't missed one!) I finally convinced myself to just go for it! Overly excited right now :D :D Finally put my money where my mouth has been for the last 6 months! :P

    1. surprised it took you so long lol

  5. Welcome to the club ;) 2014 should be awesome, plenty of wonderful things to come!

  6. Just got in from work loving the added features Lee.(Yes welcome to the gold club Clonkex)

  7. hey Lee
    this might be interesting, at least when it comes to wounds and more
    further it could go hand in hand with that character creation system you guys plan todo