Thursday, 5 December 2013

Thursday Email Mountain

The Email Tractor Beam

It's funny how some days you can get a lot of coding done, and other days you can get none done. Ever since I clocked on around 1PM (slowly getting back to day shift) I have been answering emails, writing 'Ask Lee' answers, writing up reports, reading articles, Google pinging and sketching out little paper ideas, I've not had any actual code time :(  

I have got some good news in that the recent 60 FPS performance work has now been tested on a few other internal team systems and the improvement is definitely measurable.  This bodes very well for the next BETA update and so I can promise you have something to look forward to!

Signing Off

The good news is that I've been thinking of the imposter system so much the actual work should not take too long (in theory).  Going to have something to eat and then see if I can get a few hours of coding in, and hopefully get a big result from my quads!


  1. Just a recommendation maybe add in a feature to let us pick a overall map size so the engine wont have to load so much ... itll make performance alot better ? im not a programmer but it worked better with smaller maps in fps creator classic /..

  2. Any change we may get to be able to save level settings in editor?

    I am spending most of my time with Reloaded testing maybe many tens or hundreds of times a day and having to reset all my slider controls in all the panels much of the time as I back and forth into the software constantly. It does not seem to remember most settings and every time I load a level I am asked to optimise due to low fps and then once it has turned everything off I have adjust all the sliders every time to get them just so. Then next time I start the software I have to start again, again every times all day long after it resets the settings automatically. Obviously I say yes as otherwise my fps is too low but I need then to tweak it all back every time I start a session which is many times a day to suit my own system just so. Cant we have it so it just remembers a users settings preferences once and for all until a user adjusts them again?

    Basic stuff that becomes a real chore.


  3. Lee.

    I'm getting good frame rates since update and loving the fact that I can use my old entities now.Although all entities are slow to appear when testing lvl. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem since new beta?Overall this is an amazing engine that's so fun and easy to use and I can't wait for whats to follow.I have but one request,I and I'm sure many others would love xbox controller compatibility down the track.

    1. I second that. But I think perf is the main aim.

    2. I would love to see Xbox controller support again

  4. Hi Lee,please can you put in mouse look when editing.Trying to place objects is realy hard when the level gets complicated.