Monday, 23 December 2013

Monday Christmas Holiday #1

What Are You Doing Here?

As you may know, I have officially clocked off TGC hours until January 2nd, so I repeat, why are you reading today's blog? Are you expecting me to stop my little holiday and carry on working for you, endlessly, without rest, forever?

My Christmas Listening Recommendation

I found Jose earlier Christmas Album on YouTube, and liked it so much I bought his new one (which he and his family created 22 years later).

Jose Mari Chan | Going Home to Christmas

My hope is that some of the royalties get back to him as I do like to reward creativity when I can afford to fit it into my universe.  Some of his songs (old and new), are so Christmas-sing-a-long-able, and now I have him on a loop in my office it feels like a Christmas office ;)

What I Done So Far

I have given myself permission to work on some non-Performance stuff as it's my holiday away from the day job.  I have added the decal engine back in, added muzzle flash on character weapons, entities now respect the SCALE field when in test game, physics now machine independent so player jump now works normally, characters can no longer be penetrated (oh er), characters now fight melee better and player now gets knocked back when struck with some cool camera tilt action too.

Signing Off

I am quite excited to do more decal related work, so things like water splashes, bullet impacts, blood splats, this sort of thing. Not for any reason of priority, just because I have one email in my inbox that's had water splash decal textures in there for months and I want to get rid of it :)  Hope your Christmas is going well so far!


  1. lee your a mad diamond for working on reloaded in your holidays have a good 1 and thanks for all the hard work m8. oh and ps im just hear reading what ive missed honest ;p

  2. Had a spare moment and just checking for the comments I swear

  3. really nice this none performance stuff like bullet impact or blood splats.. thats great!

  4. Just out of interest, in regards to decals, any plans in the foreseeable future to give us a nice particle system/editor? Something a bit more accessible and easy to use.

  5. ^ that would be nice, so we arnt left with adjusting the levels our selves from scratch. Be nice if they had sliders.

  6. Having a great time here Lee,hope you and your family are doing the same.

  7. Merry Christmas Lee! If you plan on integrating decals, you should give this a read!

  8. I genuinely hope you have a fun time with the lower-priority work :D I know from experience that it's very relaxing to have time when you're not supposed to be working that you can use on the more fun aspects of your project.

    A belated Merry Christmas to you!