Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Jet Setting

Signing In

A very short day today, consisting of emails, this blog, packing some bits and then a nice drive to Manchester. I have a meeting all day Tuesday which might provide some extra ammo in the world of Reloaded. More news on this if the mission is successful.

Signing Out

Continuation of performance work will resume Wednesday, as it has been almost unanimously agreed that PPP should remain top of the list for the time being. The mileage of the results you may have got with BETA 1.003 will vary wildly and I am not too surprised at the reports of slowdown in some cases and substantial increase in others.

I suspect the slow down comes from lower-end systems which are having to do more CPU work to calculate occlusion, and on the GPU side building vertex buffers dynamically might upset some graphics cards which do not expect this approach. Many games would build the entire world as an optimized static soup of polygons, and NEVER build them in real-time. It could be that once we have identified and singled out a group of machines that are reacting negatively to dynamic building of static batches, we can use an alternative technique that best fits those cards.  If anyone can demonstrate a substantial slow-down of a side by side test of 1.002 and 1.003, please send me your CPU and graphics card details so I can start to get an idea which kinds of systems react in this way.


  1. Enjoy your meeting Lee,i am using beta 2 at the moment as its working better for me.I'me sure it will work out in the end.

  2. FPSCreatorReloadedBETA-301113

    Hi Lee,

    I like the easy set-up for FPS Creator Re-Loaded, easy creation of Terrain, easy placement of Buildings and NPC’s. The quality of the Soldier NPC is excellent, and the Weapons are extremely realistic.

    This software is looking good. This is my frame rate for my two computers:

    All-In-One Toshiba PX30t:
    2.4 gigahertz core i7 Multi-Core:
    8 meg memory:
    Display: Intel HD Graphics 4600
    Display: NVIDIA GeForce GT740M
    Windows 8

    FPS Creator Fixed to play with the GT740M 3ghz: Passmark 944
    The River Scene plays at 26 fps.
    Laptop ASUS G74S
    3 gigahertz core i7 Multi-Core:
    16 meg memory
    Display: NVIDIA GeForce GT560M: Passmark 1,379
    Windows 7
    The River Scene plays at 55 fps.

  3. I have arrived at the venue for the meeting and have taken everyones advice and awaiting my irish coffee (TO RELAX). Not exactly strictly reloaded related but its programmer is about to be very happy.

  4. That sounds good.. Irish coffee have fun.

    In relation to the beta 1.003 i must say that i don't have a low end sytem, but its reaction is slower than the beta 1.002. i even had to reboot my computer it tottaly hangs after i put inbuildings and a lot of grass. and try to run trough it .
    Its get chunky and stops responding.

    Maybe it has to do with my videocard nvidea GTX 660 TI.
    specs of this computer I7 3820 3.6 ghz
    Memory 64 gb
    windows 7 64 bit
    I will try to test it on my other and older computer that has a ati hd 5770.

    Greetings and have some fun.
    Harry Wever

    1. WT* are you doing with 64 GB ram?? :)

    2. 64 gig, I'm jealous, not that I need it, although for rendering it would indeed be nice. Still, sounds like your spec is pretty good. Surprised it struggles that much! No surprise my 260 GTX isn't coping as well if a 660 is struggling. Here's me hoping I might get a lot better performance with a 580, when my brother decides to upgrade his!

  5. i work a lot at home with autocad inventor ;-)

  6. I have a Nvida Geforce GTX 580 & my comp struggles,i'me sure it will get better.

  7. Using get-to-the-river-map.

    With 1.002 at start I get:
    15 fps with max settings.
    29 fps with default settings.

    With 1.003 at start I get:
    16 with max settings.
    36 fps with default settings.

    I also noticed that loading game level takes slightly longer time in the 1.003.

    My hardware: Intel i5-4570 3,2Ghz, Nvidia GTX 760.

  8. Erm I can't seem to open the zip file for the 1.003 update. Is anyone else having this issue if so, how do I resolve it?

  9. A zip you cannot open means you did not get a complete download. You will need to download again until the full file is received. If after a few attempts it still does not open, email

    1. Yeah thanks, tried again same thing happened. Just emailed then. Cheers for the support. :)