Thursday, 3 July 2014


Plenty more developing done today, with the final touches being made to the rocket mechanism and now working on all the things that make ragdoll and rockets look sensible in the game. Also some new progress from our artist on the uniform for a character who will be armed with an UZI. By re-using the style of the Rocket Guy (far right) we can speed up character production and also get a theme going (as though the characters belonged to the same unit).

Time has really sped today and just as I was about to solve the issue of the 180 degree reversing ragdoll, it was 6PM.  Time for walkies, foodies and chills. The good news is that all major features are now in that we planned for the next build, and it's all about tweaks and refinements now.

We also noticed a recent drop in game performance with the last few additions, so we will be spending some exclusive time ensuring the frame rate is no worse than the hot fix build 1.0071.  I need to maintain performance at all costs, even at the cost of one or more features we have added since the last update.

In other news, we are getting some new sounds into the engine which raise the bar one notch further, and now we have a particle system there is a sense that we could start swapping in some higher quality particle effects as part of the game experience going forward. That said, we remain focused on the goal of getting this build solid, tested and out to the community with all due diligence.  One more day of the week to go, and I hope to have something pretty cool to play with by close of business, ready for our internal testers to take over and see if we missed anything.

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