Thursday, 31 July 2014

More Zombie Fun

Zombies are behaving themselves more now, just need some tweaks to the models and then the first iteration of them will be done. I could do with another week on them, but alas it would detract from the V1.009 work and the demo improvements.  The two areas I think could be improved is using ragdoll instead of fixed animations, but that would mean an overhaul of the current system to allow custom-rigs to be used. Similarly, I would have liked to tie the Zombies into the existing AI system but that would mean code to allow custom animation sets to be used in that system.  In order to balance everything out I will finish off the Zombie Pack as is, and then put it into testing on Friday, and then if the feeling is that V1.009 and demo improvements are not as critical as ragdoll and AI for Zombies, then that's what will probably happen.

Having some good fun making small levels and testing my Zombies over obstacles and such-like, and the shot above shows a scene from last night when I was doing some late testing and having my brain chased around the level. Today I made this small level a graveyard and it's typical how graveyards and Zombies go together :)

I did notice the physics slow-down around certain gravestones, caused by compressed polygon shapes in close proximity to the player during a physics simulation. The solution is to provide the entities with simpler box shapes, and the work being done this week on the Importer will very soon allow me to do just that. It does mean an update to some objects in the store, but the reward you get for the download is a faster physics system!

It's 7PM now and time for a bit of a chill, then maybe I can return in the evening to finish off a little project I have been tinkering with in the engine. I am going to keep it a secret for now, but it was very quick to add and I think you might enjoy the novelty. Expect it to be part of V1.009 build :)

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