Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Build Day

As per usual, more tweaks, more fixes, a few small additions all to get a good version ready for everyone. This evening I am making a build for internal testing which contains some of the new goodies, and I must say we are all enjoying the rocket launcher in the team at the moment.

Work has already started on the Uzi character but he will probably not make it into the next build, but this just makes V1.009 even more special when it finally launches. For now our attention is on V1.008 and the ragdoll plus rocket fun we're currently testing.

I have added a new GRAPHICS SETTINGS menu item and connected it up so you can now choose the shader technique from the standalone game, and it toggles in real-time so you can see the game change in the background.

Probably for the first time since the project started, we have a report that Rick actually smiled while playing the latest demo game.  High praise indeed!

It's 5:30PM now and I need to start my final tests for a build, and then by 6PM I can start the upload and swam off for my walk.  The rain clouds look to have moved in, but you know what they say, "there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes" ;)


  1. Hello Lee,
    I am very pleased with the progress of Gold ... I'm Fpscreator user ... work all day and when you have some home run update to install and see the changes! Working with Autodesk 3DsMax ... the Fpscreator has become a very interesting tool, I suggest some changes ... as selection filters or layers ... it would greatly facilitate the development of scenarios and subsequent adjustments ... a big hug!

  2. Will the build be available through a link for the competition winners soon?

  3. Nice work everybody,its great watching Reloaded grow day by day.