Monday, 14 July 2014

Demo Launch Day

After many fruitful weeks of careful additions, plenty of performance testing and tuning, and a good heap of testing, we have a version ready for public consumption. 

We discovered at the 11th hour that the demo required administrator level access, and we added shims to the installer to make the demo execution automatic, but it was a bit of a fudge, so we went back and made sure the demo (and indeed ALL Reloaded standalones) could run in standard user mode which means there is no write access required to the program files area.  This delayed the demo launch a few hours, but we felt it was worth it. I am typing this at 4PM, building the 'final' demo installer ready for one last batch of tests before release.  For those in the States, you should have your demo served up for dinner, and for those in jolly old England, you'll get yours after tea!  We are eager to learn what you think of our first standalone demo level!

In other news, during my exhaustive testing over the weekend I snapped a few shots which I thought were funny.

Taking A Break From The Game

Maybe there is a silly competition to be had in the future to grab the funniest ragdoll death poses in the demo.  Here is another one:

Dat's Godda Hurt

The demo release will be announced in all the usual places, so keep your eyes peeled today, and we hope you enjoy the game. My challenge to you; can you get to the end of the level without dying?  Good luck!


  1. Love those screen shots (: can't wait to see all the ones everyone comes up with .

  2. Grab the game from here;


  3. I found a spelling mistake in the opening/descriptive screen ("you" vs. "your") and a VERY slow frame rate. So slow in fact that it's is barely playable. My system includes 4 Core HT CPU (i7-4790), 12GB RAM and NVidia 770 GT. I will reboot and have another attempt.

  4. Please ignore the performance aspect of my above post. A reboot fixed the issue.

  5. So when will the new Beta be out?

  6. Probably a week from now, depends on testing and what we find!

  7. I tested the demo, thumb up for RPG and explosive barrels, double thumbs up for ragdoll :D don't worry about "strange" ragdoll position, they happen even in triple A games! i have to say thumb down to weapon system, sorry but i shot down an enemy with 2 shots using the small gun at a mid range, and i wasn't able to kill an enemy using shotgun at very short range and shooting on enemy's face! (i fired 3 shoots with shotgun but the enemy, with the little gun killed me!). Enemies shooting at you at incredible distance, using the little gun will hit you 90% times! need some tweaks here ;)

    1. Probably the guns are still artificially and insanely inaccurate when firing from the hip.

  8. Game crashes on loading screen with the message:
    FPSC Map Editor has stopped working.
    Name of problematic application: DBProCameraDebug.dll
    Any ideas on this?

  9. In the standalone folder there is a file called SETUP.INI. Can you change the flag to read PRODUCELOGFILE=1 and then run again, then send me the .log file that is produced, thanks. My email is