Friday, 31 October 2014

Zombies and Terrain Sculpting Day

A day of two halves, with the first half finishing off the Zombie template which is using the new custom character AI system. The zombie is pretty basic, but it's now powered by DarkAI and scripts and someone more worthy than me can continue the work and complete the Zombie pack.

I also sorted all characters so they now use RAGDOLL=1 so ragdolls can now be switched off for characters that do not need or want them.

Right now I am half way through the second part of the day which is to get terrain blending and terrain ramps in the editor. I first tried to do these commands inside the terrain module itself but it was pretty messy in there and would have required some nifty know-how to get it to do what I needed. My backup plan which I am coding now is to do it in DBP which is just as good, if perhaps a few milliseconds slower.  The trick is to snapshot the terrain under the blend cursor and then read height neighbors to create an average, then weight the destination height with an amount modulated by time.  Bottom line is a blend function you will have in V1.009 build, and if time I will be moving onto ramp which is a similar if more complex function for the terrain sculptor.

Been a quick week, and I cannot believe it's Friday already. Meeting next week so have a few days left to make a solid build and ensure everything that used to work still works and the new stuff works well.  For now, have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for those additions- looking forward to them very much myself.