Friday, 24 October 2014

It's Picture Friday Hurray

Rather than a protracted text blog, I thought I would make a picture blog as a Friday treat showing last night's and todays work. The first one is a nice shot of my running towards the rocket man for some AI testing.

This next one is an experiment I did last night to study the artifacts when only direct lighting is used. As you can see, there are numerous issues that go unnoticed when add ambience and textures on top of this.  The terrain is not consistently lit when compared to the buildings (or vice versa), the shadows on the building walls are 'odd', the sandbag and log in the foreground should not be black, and so forth.  Normal map on the weapon and character look great though!

Had a little fun with ragdoll earlier, and decided to snapshot this pose to remind me that we still need to look at ragdoll death sequences some more.  Looks like he died listening to some terrible music.

And finally, a shot that almost looks better than if it was textured, but also shows that the lighting could be balanced more when you compare the terrain and gun to the entities.  Just needs a few tweaks and then I can bring back the textures are spend a little time looking at the texture side of the coin (texture stretching, shrinking, artificial lighting, e.t.c).

Been a long week, with not too many hours of sleep to be found, but I am happy with the progress, and with the explosions now integrated I can move onto some new functionality next week. I also helped Ravey get his multiplayer prototype further integrated to the main engine, which means I can leave him to it now as he had everything he needs for the moment.

Until next week, enjoy your weekends and hope you all get some nice weather! No chance of that here in Wales, but there's always hope :)


  1. Great work lee and cant wait to see the new explosions, on the second image i find my models doing the same thing shadows/lighting acting up on the vert/edge lines i have looked at the building in screenshot 2 and the shadows and lighting is acting up on the same place i hope this can be fixed as it makes some models look bad.

  2. Awesome! Once again I feel like you really do understand the issues at hand! Been loving these blog posts over the last couple of months.

  3. In the direct lighting screen shot the fact that some of the models look okay would indicate the problem is with the models.

  4. I'd like to see the character AI vastly improved in general with a much greater range of movement, behaviour, reaction and expression, even facial expression.