Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Material System Done

With visuals, performance and AI for the moment sorted, my task for today was to get the material system up and running. It's now just gone 3PM and it's done. We can now shoot different materials and get different decal animations and sounds, when you walk on wood, metal, stone or other material the correct footfall is heard. Now when you walk on the roof, no more grass sounds!

I gave myself a day and did it in just over half a day, so I am moving swiftly onto my next task which is getting Zombies working with the AI system. By this I mean have a new look-up table of animations that the AI system will use as part of the 'main' character system. Not only will this breath new death into the Zombies but it also means custom characters can use the path finding and LUA logic treats of the full character system, so no need to script 'everything'.

This next one could take an hour or a day, but I have budgeted a day to ensure it also works with the wider requirement of custom characters, which means digging a few of the custom characters sent to me out the folder and ensuring they work fine.  Still, happy report a good day done with a few hours to spare!


  1. Hmm, must be getting near release time now, or at least towards it ;)

  2. How close are we to the next release? :-)

  3. it will be sometime in november.

  4. Material system is a welcome feature indeed. Thanks for getting that up and running.

  5. I'm glad to see you slowly reeling this thing in. I mean it's great that you don't just leave this thing half-baked and say "there it is, enjoy!". At this point the only glaringly broken things (IMO) are:
    Static lighting objects
    Lack of any kind of dynamic lighting
    Non adjustable TOD (time of day)
    An actual particle engine
    The ability to post a Graphic popup/change huds (effectively the equivalent of lite-c's panel objects)
    Some more variability in AI. Specifically: the ability to shoot along a raytrace (for friendly fire, teams, etc), vs shooting specifically at the player (hurtplayer is a bit too specific if I want to do anything fancy with AI coding). Etc etc.

    This is, of course, excluding all the action items of multiplayer, lightmapping, AO, perf tweaks, etc etc which you have mentioned. All in all progress is coming along well. I think right now the only thing that truly sticks in my craw are the lighting issues mentioned and the hurtplayer thing. The particle engine is vital but honestly can wait, at least in my corner of the world.

    Just my 2c.

  6. There is much more needed than that. We need a ton more Lua commands to access engine components, the updated editor tools, better terrain editing, integrated script editing, all the stuff I have in Omega Core like true 3D sound, full key/mouse input, 3rd person camera controls, true physics system that we can control, etc.

    1. Better terrain editing is definitely something that is needed but most of the other stuff can be additions later on, IMO.