Monday, 1 December 2014

One More Week

If some of you had been waiting for the V1.009 release to happen in November, you've probably figured out by now that it's not yet available. Due to the quantity and thoroughness of the alpha testers work we've decided to sit on it a while longer to make sure it's solid before we release.  There are still some issues with lightmapping, memory, disappearing objects, little glitches, e.t.c and it is only fair you get a good experience after the long wait. My hope is to get all of these issues resolved this week, and see where we are on Friday, and see if a version we have is worthy of a public build.

The good news is that each time I work on the lightmapper it gets better, which I think you will appreciate when you start using it.  I've also fixed a few more multi-material issues so now the engine can support them a little further (as it seems artists like them).

My plan this evening is to swap in an AMD card and hopefully reproduce an issue that has been reported that MAY relate to card type, but at first glance I don't see how a card swap could affect in-game object visibility. I will know by midnight :)

At the risk of venturing off the Reloaded Reservation (again), I wanted to advertise the newsletter that came out today:

And also a quick reminder that the 33% discount on App Game Kit 2 (AGK2) ends on Tuesday, so if it's part of your wish list you might want to make the purchase now and get started on the path of the code warrior.  For those seeking a higher power, stay tuned for more Reloaded posts about bugs squashed and features improved during the week.   My calender is pretty free of meetings and events so it's code sailing from here on in, and we'll get V1.009 out to you as soon as the alpha testers give us the gentle nod.


  1. no release in november, ohwell. good to hear your getting better with the light mapping cant wait but of course have to and will :).
    keep it up and coming lee m8.

  2. Will there be a weekly news out today?

  3. I only have one thing to say about the delay of Reloaded and that is this "it's like a fine wine. It can only get better with age" as for me, I will have a pint or two of guiness, as I am a beer drinker, and drink a toast to TGC team for a great launch of AGK v2 on steam and a personal toast to you Lee for all your great work on all the projects you have driven to a success. Please take a little time for yourself and your family, after all they are what is most important. Have a great holiday and looking forward to the next release

  4. Thanks for that! Did some good work this evening, just finishing off now and over 30 items fixed in one blast. Feel good (and tired). Tomorrow I tackle the big AMD issue, was able to reproduce the disappearing entities so shall spend a day in AMD world and find out what is so different from the NVIDIA world ;)

  5. Probably AMD being behind the times as usual ;) Never known them EVER to be as compatible with games as Nvidia in all the time I have spent building PC's. Even the CPU's are inferior to Intel's, missing some features entirely.They have been faster and cheaper, but never as reliable. I have built a fair few machines over the years, and if you want to avoid customers returning with odd issues, Nvidia is always the safest option. Unless they ask specifically for it I would push Nvidia anyway.

    Still, in this day and age most games should work with both brands these days. Not like there's Matrox, S3, Intel, 3DFX and a plethora of other manufacturers to support anymore! I'm sure it will end up being a fairly simple fix ;p

  6. "code sailing"? *rolls eyes*