Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lightmapping The New Level

Spent the day testing a new third party level, typical of the kind of games you will be able to make with Reloaded, in order to monitor and trace system memory usage.  Here is a shot taken from across a deep valley, and some nice lightmapped castle wall features. It's not in the game, but you can use F9 to fly over to the castle wall structure and run along the walkways at the top of the walls and into the tower rooms, very cool!

Been a pretty slow day today, with more analysis than actual fixes, but hopefully I can chalk a few off the list before I retire for the evening.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I quite like the idea of letting the above shot speak for my blog post today.  Much nicer than me whittering on!


  1. My birthday has come and gone and I was anticipating 1.009 for my B'Day present. :( Alas that was not to be. Now I am waiting on my Christmas present :) Just raggin' on you Lee. Keep up the good work but remember there is life away from the keyboard. Pop a top for me at the pub next time and I will do the same for you next time I go boot scootin'. Have a great day

  2. Environment lighting looking good in that scene.