Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Full Day Of Testing And Tweaks

Short on blog, long on fixes. Anticipating a release REAL soon so spending each minute on mission. Here is a shot of the level I constructed as I tested one of everything with the current build.

As you can see, having a fun time with extreme sliders while I test the very corners of this version.

And here is something a little more playable, using a fence as a staircase by rotating it a little.  The extreme colouring are dynamic lights in MEDIUM shader. More tests and a build to do still, so onwards and upwards!


  1. Loving that top screenshot some HDR right there ;)

  2. I love the extreme coloring. It fits in perfect with the work in progress game I have going now. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting on the next release. Thanks for the screen shots.

  3. Reminds me of something that's come up recently in the DBPro forum... Roller coaster tracks! :D Imagine a game with some high-speed action, like in the Indiana Jones film where two guys are each on a different semi-parallel track, having it out with each other.

  4. If you turn down the bloom a bit at the top it would compete with bf4 :P

  5. You will find PLENTY sliders to play with to create everything from monochrome game-noir to ultra funky trip out city styles. I personally like the over-the-top colour scheme as it hides a multitude of sins ;) Ever wandered why so many early FPS games where set in dark dungeons and derelict spaceships?

    1. I noticed some issues with past versions and hope they are fixed in the latest related to sliders. I noticed some levels dont save your colour/fog settings and when you create a new map it takes after the last settings you used previously.

      I'd love to see these new slider options your talking about! :D cant wait

  6. " I personally like the over-the-top colour scheme as it hides a multitude of sins ;)"

    Ok now you've given away one of my secrets. LOL

  7. Like the interesting colour effects. Here is a test of a game I might be working playing with colours. New settings would help me do so much more :D