Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Knowing No Bounds

After my five hours of failure with a $250 memory checker, I tried the $700 trial of the tool Bounds Checker became and within a few minutes had some leaks and memory mismatches highlighted in a friendly little report after running my game engine.  I guess my previous experience with the tool helped me know which buttons to press. I have since spent the day eliminating these errors that had been flagged and now the bullet physics module does not leak memory any more (apart from one thingie which I will fix after tonight's build).

I have saw a few new feedback emails coming in from my previous AM build which included amazing flying floating enemies. Something for me to look for on Thursday :)  I think I am very close now to deciding which remaining A tasks need to go into V1.009 and how much time should be spent doing my own testing for stability and reliability in the game of the stock and store media.  I am now happy with the performance and memory handling, and many of the little features we needed are now in to some degree.  I really want to spend the next two days testing and only dealing with those things that stop the train. The littler nags will have to be put on a second list for post-V1.009, this way everyone can enjoy a great experience and not get tripped up by a last minute bout of silliness in the engine.

Pool night tonight, but after some serious Guinness drinking five days ago I am still not in the mood for lots of booze, so hopefully I can return for a few hours of late night testing and tweaking.  I'll show up, beat my enemies with a stick, then leave after a friendly pint.  The best laid plans hey....?


  1. good luck with pool, and beating ppl with sticks haha, sounds like the trial software sorted a few things for reloaded good to hear :). getting closer to a release cant wait STILL but of course have to.. lets hope its all good when you let us all have it m8.

  2. "I am now happy with the performance"

    1.9 Should be a good Beta :)

  3. Wow its looks beautiful. I know that's just a bug shot, but... Wow!! :P Fan boyism get away from my engine you dirty Uncycle(Unity) lovers :P