Monday, 10 March 2014

Ultra Look Day


Tuesday is meeting day, which means Monday is 'preparing everything for meeting day', including a series of demos for the Ultrabook I will be taking to the meet up. On this occasion I am taking my newer Haswell with integrated HD 5000 beastie with me (the same on I will be taking to GDC).

I ran some early tests and the performance is good, but it needs a few extra boosts and some cosmetic tweaks before I can present it in a good light. This is my work for the evening, but not too much as I have to be out the door at 5AM Tuesday for the drive.

Gives me a few more hours, but I can report some very good early statistics from the mobile PC which bodes well for a lot of low-end cards out there :)


  1. Have a good meeting Lee,drive safe.

  2. Indeed, have a good time and try to unwind from the programming and just enjoy showing off your work :) And of course drive safely - we don't want to have to find another programmer to finish your work ;)

  3. Have a good journey, and enjoy your meeting :D

  4. Been very quiet no Tuesday blog and nothing else yet?