Friday, 28 March 2014

A Quick Update


All D3DX silent errors now removed from the engine so this should improve stability, certainly on the Ultrabook integrated devices I have been using as my super low end tests (not that they are particularly low end).  Also fixed more issues and made many tweaks, the new grass system works very well, faster and no more stall staggering when new veg is generated ahead of the player.

Next up will be some general testing of the build on a few machines to make sure the installer is up to date with everything done so far.  I will then plummet into the subject of media encryption which we have given a high priority too in order to project the high quality art which is being crafted for Reloaded. Built into the very fabric of the totally new asset store, we hope to make the asset purchase and download system super simple, super quick and super secure.

Anyhoo, back to TGC's holy trinity of Reloaded developers ;)


  1. fantastic work lee.... it's amazing what you are doing!!!

  2. Incredible! I can't wait for the next beta ;D

  3. So the security bit is that with the reloaded games or is this with the store. Hope for the game part. It makes sense to encrypted standalone games rather than allow all content to be got at by all. Better still just disable standalone till other core features done. But I may be screamed at for saying that

    1. I think standalone is useful for testing various core features.

  4. well the standalone.exe bit did show tgc the flaws in ai, gravity and some other things aswell with the hood1 level that was made, it did point out quite afew problems that have been fixed to a better degree or are gonna be fixed in next release maybe, so maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

    good to hear things are lively again in tgc workshop this next release is sounding better and better all the time so am looking forwards to it a lot :). keep it up lee and team

  5. I will be happy to test anything for the team and return some quality feedback. : )

    My System: Windows 8.1, AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.7 ghz, 8.00 GB RAM, 64 bit OS, and x64-based processor.