Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Developer Trinity


This is day one of a holy trinity of hard-core developers working on the exact same piece of software, and pretty a-typical in the history of Reloaded. I spent the morning setting everyone up with the latest version and code sharing so we are all now dancing on everyone else's toes, but it should speed up development. Can already report some good fixes, good learning and a better product, and it's only been four hours. Posting my blog early as there is a good chance of a power cut this evening at my end.   You will be pleased to hear the memory gauge is now sensible and starts at zero and only goes up when new stuff is added to the level. It pretty much stays under 25%, no matter what I throw at the level, so that's cool!

Good News For The UK Dev Community

A mementos day for all UK developers, the EU just authorized tax relief for all UK developers who pass some criteria for Britishness.  Here is a good article on the subject:


  1. Excellent!! This will make development of Reloaded truly fly along and will fix many issues that one dev alone may not be able to solve!

    VERY happy! :D