Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Already


Having crunched code over the weekend, it feels odd that Monday is my first day back.  Despite the strange feeling, I set to work obliterating my backlog of emails, sorting out the work for the next two weeks and getting some key issues resolved in the engine.  I have sent code off to Simon to add shadows to the Construction Kit and a new version to Rick so he can make some nice videos about the new Vegetation Pack.

Still the best news is the massive memory savings I made by loading the HUGE textures used by the engine into GPU Video Memory. The consequence is that I can make seriously large levels now and the system memory creeps up very slowly compared to the old version. I have ideas to make even more savings too, but as much as I want to chase that particular tiger down, the elephant in the room (performance) remains the highest on my personal snag list. I will be running a demo of Reloaded on an Ultrabook in exactly two weeks time in the biggest developer conference on the planet, and I don't want egg on my face. Yes I will be saving face, but you will be getting some serious performance boon as a result so I think we both win.

I also got an email asking for clarity on the license terms of media provided in Reloaded, and the legality of releasing it as part of the standalone build. The official TGC EULA for this product allows you to distribute the assets (encrypted or otherwise) providing it remains part of the standalone demo you built. If anyone remembers the culture of sharing FPSC Classic games, same deal. We do specifically exclude the extraction of those assets for use elsewhere, either as part of a library or other game creator, but within the context of using the assets to show off your Reloaded creations you are quite safe.  It's also great to see the maturity of the community to ask such a question as it demonstrates your respect for copyright material and the terms of use applied to digital media.


  1. welcome back lee m8, the memory savings sounds great :D cant wait for bigger levels entities wise!!. the new veg looks great and the construction kit is coming along well :) hope to see more performance results in the positive when the next beta is released too. though I was wanting to ask you, what is your main gpu called I want 1 lol... the radeon hd 6450 is just not getting any benefits from your work tbh with you I think you have reached its limits of what it can do here. please let me know about your gpu m8 :) thanks a lot

  2. Great to see you back &working hard Lee,looking forward to the next beta.

  3. My GPU 'WAS' a "GeForce Ti 650 Boost" but I have downgraded to a 9600 GT so I can solve the performance issues from within. I called it mid-range but was quickly voted out and it is probably considered a 'high end' card by most users in the Reloaded community. The price vs features though is pretty good.

    1. This new card looks good Lee

  4. You won't have performance issues with that card ;)

  5. Sp what time you gonna drop your wonderful blog of Tuesday on us ? :)

  6. Sounds good! I know how awesome it can be to suddenly realise there's not supposed to be that much memory used, or that much CPU, and that it can be fixed really easily :D

  7. Probably after midnight (i.e. Wednesday morning) ;)