Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday Or Thursday

Blurry Work

First up, thanks for all the calls to action and recommendations of rest, a very sensible idea and anyone listening would be a fool to ignore such sage advice.  
Unfortunately software seldom writes itself and deadlines have a habit of getting closer and larger, and it would not do to just leave the update half-finished which is why I must carry on and finish it.  Perhaps I can find a few days to rest after the update is out the door!

Perspective Pains

The more I work on this QUAD texture rendering, the more I am convinced my brain was not wired for 3D thinking. I've literally spent 10 hours on the same thirty lines of code, trying every combination of crazy ass ideas I can think of to get a section of render to re-render centrally at the correct angle and distance. You would think it was easy :)

The good news is that I am making progress, all be it slowly. I figured out some neat things like how you can scale up the perspective matrix to create a sort of zoom effect. I am currently working on a way to tweak the view matrix generation to tilt towards the target object that needs rendering as simply shifting the view camera was not enough.  I also need to handle the multitude of little attributes for things like resolution changes, aspect changes, camera position and angle changes, object dimension changes and then quad resolution and densities which can be adjusted in real-time.  It's clear to me that this is not a 'few days work' as I had originally thought and will take some considerable time and thought to become fully rounded and complete.

Signing Off

A nice cup of tea me thinks, and then see if I can get 'something' concluded from all this work, and build an internal version for Ricky baby.  The next update is imminent so internal testing is the plan, I only wished I had more done to test ;)


  1. "anyone listening would be a fool to ignore such sage advice"

    Point taken! No more advise, just support. Keep plugging.

  2. Sounds cool Lee,thanks for the long hours.Looking forward to the new beta.

  3. The Alpha is released tomorrow, 29 november right?

  4. I don't think we'll be getting the patented 'Easy Draw Wall / Fence ' though. ;)

  5. If you need help I highly recommend Stack Overflow as a brilliant place to ask. The programmers there are very friendly and knowledgeable.