Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday Quadz

Houston, We Have A Quad Texture!

After much tinkering inside the bowels of the engine, we now have quads using a render target texture created entirely on the video card and rendered with the object that created it.  Here is the glorious mess for your enjoyment:

As you can see, we are rendering the whole texture for each quad, and rendering all the objects to the target surface as they happen.

The next step, now we can see something along the right lines, is to sub-divide the texture into grid squares, to use a view-port to only render to the correct square, to only render the object once per generation request, to modify the quad UV to only show the texture that applies to it's own original object, and so on.  I had thought I would be further along, but it's always a good place to be when you render something and you can actually 'see it'.

Signing Off

It seems my body is once again on night shift, so I write this at the end of my day which is about 5AM.  Hopefully I can get up before the sun goes down as I so light to see some daylight before I start my day.


  1. "I caught a glimpse of your new concept... just before it flew over my head."

    You see it, that's what counts. Keep at it as it seems to work!

  2. Good work, Lee! I have absolutely no clue what I'm looking at, but good work all the same! ;)