Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday Mobiling It

Well I Never

I write to you from my mobile as my main machine is in emergency defrag. It looks like it is going to be an HDD failure. Darn. Lots done today but can only report Tuesday if my PC comes back to me.  Plenty backuos so code is safe.

Signing Off

At least I discovered I can blog from my phone. Very useful.  Catch you all Tuesday. Fingers crossed.


  1. As I take all this into consideration I have come to the conclusion that FPSC Classic is not all that bad.
    Hang Tuff My Friend things will get better.

  2. Its like a worst nightmare when that happens. Very few times but when it happens it sucks o.o

  3. Weird, earlier this week I was telling Rick the same thing. I had to do an emergency backup off a failing hard drive, which contains many years of 3D stuff, including Reloaded work. I have a good backup routine using Syncback, but I still get nervous when all that data is in fewer than 2 different places at any given time. This is the second drive this year that has failed, I just don't think these high density terabyte drives last as long as drives did in the past.

  4. Depending on the storage you need, for your main system drive - I'd highly recommend either a samsung ssd (though quite expensive) or if you need more space but want high performance Seagate 2tb hybrid drives are only £89 now - - which are quite fast.

    File history is the only reason why I sort-of-like Windows 8, backs up a copy of anything important (thats changed?) every 10 minutes!

  5. What no raid system.
    Let me guess it is a Western digital HardDrive.