Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Catch-Up

Weekend Emails

As usual, the weekend left a small mound in my inbox, including what is looking very much like the final inventory panel system for Reloaded.

A few very small tweaks to the artwork and we're there. The system is pretty cool, allowing you to browse items in your inventory, use them, drop them and when tied to a second source, transfer items to and from containers. The graphics will be placed in a common folder so you can customize the artwork for your own games to create your own unique feel and if there is room in the art budget, we might knock out a few colors and variations for you.

We still have some work determining exactly to what extent we provide icons for the items in the list, but we will have a full generic set for all the built-in library assets which will be a good starting point. Naturally you will be able to modify the icon index from the FPE entity properties for those who want to really customize their creations.

Again apologies for the legacy 3D art in the background, we'll be onto new scenery artwork soon!  We're warming to a brighter asset pack this time, something sandy that lends itself well to outdoor terrain environments as well as interesting indoor scenes. We have one test segment but nothing I can show you, so bear with us while we create enough segments and entities to cobble a level together for you.

Signing Off

Today was a hot day, and no air conditioning to cool down the office so it was a slow coding day today.  Hopefully I can expel today's heat this evening and have a nice cool office again starting Tuesday.  With all the paperwork out the way, I can finally see my keyboard again!


  1. I'm just waiting for the Beta. As soon as the Beta's are starting, and I can export a game that I've made, I'll be creating some Beta games, to see if there's any bugs or not. While doing so, also creating some videos on how to use the FPS Creator Reloaded Map Editor. That's if you let me. I'm so looking forward to this Lee. :)

    And nice work on the Inventory System! Though, while you're changing what the icons look like, could you possibly add another system next to the inventory system? So that you can see how much health you have, and you could also choose which hand will the gun you chose will go. It'll make a great addition to the inventory, where you can switch guns, and even select which hand the guns go. You could even then dual wield the gun better, but you must manually equip them by dragging the weapon to the hand you want the gun to fit in. I'm sorry if I'm asking a little too much, but I'm just suggesting here and there.

  2. Nice to see the first screens of the Inventory system... I hope there will be script commands to allow further customization of the inventory system... IE (Set limits to how much can be carried etc) ... would also look more complete if items stacked and had a quantity number on a grid with only icons showing and names would pop up in a tool tip... If your goal is to keep it simple that is fine but some solid scripting for the Inventory would allow for a lot of customization for various game types.

  3. same here,
    btw Lee is there any chance to get a test build in the next weeks?
    (for those of us who have backed - in our accounts)
    I doesnth have to be fancy, just a simple box thing that loads a .x model with lods - so that the artists of us could start playing around with asset creation

    so far there is really lil information on how the artpipeline
    is going to function

    I mean we all know we will have lod characters and objects but
    how many lod stages are going to be required and what should
    be the polycount, thats what interests me

    yes i do know it might be sorta early to ask for this
    but hey one can hope and asking doesnt kill

  4. finally the inventory! Great Job!

  5. Thanks for the comments! There is no scheduled demo releases right now as it's a box of loose wires and things that go 'ping'. Rick won't even let me release a video, so a demo at this stage is a million miles from happening :) Fear not though, I have just started the segment art talking with Mark and we'll have presentable videos and small demos to spawn from this. No sense releasing anything that uses legacy artwork as it would send out the wrong impression.
    Are you after small prototypes showing a specific feature, or the whole system in it's current state (i.e. edit, play, etc)? Just for info you understand ;)

  6. hey thx for taking the time,
    something like a dbasic app in the style of the FPSC Segment Editor (minus the abbility to import/ export stuff)
    that shows a typical entity & segment of reloaded

    with a dropdown of its hierachy (to get a understanding how the lods are setup)

    along wiht the same models in the .obj format

    think thats more then enough
    and unlike a demo this approach wouldnt compromise
    FPSCR`s progress or presentation

    have to be honest didnt expected to get a answer on that question
    still am glad i got one
    that shows one more time that you guys are open minded.
    thank you