Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday And The Art Arrives

Fly By

Just a quick blog to say plenty stuff done today but I'm keeping it hush hush for a few days, after which I promise a video.  To keep you guessing, here is a shot of a building that is now populating my prototype:

Plenty more where that came from, and with the shadows, cloud cover shading and all laid out in a small level, it really starts to create the impression of what could be, and if all goes well what will be.

Physics Like A Bullet

I also found time last night to open up the Bullet SDK and combine the terrain and kinetic player controller, and insert it into a hijacked ODE DLL. The three commands ODE START, ODE UPDATE and ODE END now contain Bullet code which compiles and runs in the background though presently does nothing. I figured a simple INTERSECT OBJECT command to find the current terrain height was sufficient for my Monday meeting demo. Technically all physics work is scheduled for July but I could not resist taking a peek to see if I could get my fancy new controller and dynamic terrain, and I can :)

Signing Off

I think I will make a nice cup of tea now and watch Monty Python's Holy Grail on NetFlix (a special treat to myself for not BSODDING another PC). My old new PC created further havok as well today which now refuses to boot after a de-fragmentation exercise. I then tried to run Windows repair only to find Windows refused to accept the disc as the build versions we out 0.00001 (thanks again MS) and to cap it all after I reformatted the drive to install a new Windows on there, the Windows installer refused to accept a partition existed.  You can't make this stuff up!! Next job here is to open up the case, disconnect all the drives except the MAIN drive, then try installing again. With a little luck the other drives will still be there, and more importantly all the data there in. Fortunately it's all backed up here and there, so this is simply a resurrection exercise only.  It looks like I made the right call switching to the old machine and carrying on with my little project.


  1. Looking further in depth than actual object looks fine to me :-)

  2. Lee , are you going to implement buller penetration system , so bullets can go through wood , walls etc. And do a (reduced) damage to enemies or allies ?

  3. Not thought of that, but it's a good idea. Maybe some cool metallic holes and wood splintering to really carve up a level :) Probably won't have time for V1 but it's definitely worth doing for Reloaded update or a pack.

  4. Maybe i dont know much about optics but how come the angle looks so extreme from that distant on the building?

  5. Awesome new artwork!! Reminds me of Return To Castle Wolfenstein (which is a good thing, believe me!) :D