Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday News

Lee Goes To GDC

That's right!  I will be flying out on the 24th March to attend the biggest developer conference on the planet, and dragging a bunch of AGK discount vouchers and other goodies with me for a few lucky visitors. I will also be on the Expo floor for a few hours, and probably a few GDC parties if they let me in.  And it gets better...

Ultimate Coder Challenge II

As part of my blogging activities for the competition, I'm bringing my Perceptual inventions with me, and hopefully I will be able to demonstrate them during the EXPO for those attending. 

I have not started my prototype for this competition, nor have I even opened the Ultrabook that will be hosting my Perceptual app. I am saving it all up for my first Ultimate Coder blog which is due in less than a week.  My first blog will include a full unwrapping of the Gesture Camera and the Ultrabook so stay tuned for that one.

Regular Works

My regular day job continues a pace with more improvements to the AGK app I am beavering away to complete.  It is coming along nicely and quickly, and this iterative process should result in a great app for the various app stores out there.  The app is also tied to a very strong brand and a constant stream of new customers every year so it should make for a great show piece for AGK and what it can do.

Signing Off

This week is ebbing away quite quickly so far, and I have yet to break open the FPSC source code which I had planned for the end of this week.  My hope is that I can capture a lull between AGK versions and rush in to chop up some code before my brain realises what is happening.  I find once I am ten minutes into something, I can pretty much stay there until good things happen.  The trick is to stop before bad things start to happen!


  1. When my brother lived in CA, I always wanted to attend a GDC and sit in on one of the artist seminars. But I just never got around to it. Hope you have a blast!

  2. It's quite expensive when you add up all the flights, hotel and of course the all access pass. Maybe when Reloaded makes a mint this Christmas, I can buy my favourite 3D artist an all expenses paid trip to the GDC 2014 art track :) On this occasion my wallet extends just enough to bounce me all over Europe and Newark before hitting SFO. I skimped on the flight to have a better hotel near Moscone, but I have about fifty dollars left for transport, food and tips for six days :)

  3. Small change of plan. Now flying out on the 25th to land around 6:30PM. Much cheaper and 9 hours quicker! I will be of the bar of the Hotel Nikko by 8:30PM discovering how many JD's I can fit in my head.

  4. You're right, and flying has just become downright painful anymore. One of the artists from Ubisoft was kind enough to put the video of his seminar online a couple years ago, I guess that's a much cheaper way for me to pick up some tips.

  5. Sounds like you've got your hands full again Lee. Going to be able to concentrate on FPSC: R, or are you going to have to do a lot of juggling in the future?

  6. Two little projects turned into iterative ones so I'm effectively treading water at present. Once these two apps are out the way, I am committed not to take on any new projects up to October so a little catch-up work and I'll be back on track. I'm not a fan of juggling projects, and Reloaded is not something that can be juggled I think :)

  7. I think you may need to take a weekend, after the others are all done, just to rest (and possibly play games); before jumping into things. Don't wear yourself too thin. Oh; and be sure to fill us in on all the GDC goodness when you return.