Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday Catch-Up

Final Weekend Away

It is likely the weekend just gone will be my final jaunt down to Wigan for a few weeks as my work down there has been completed for the time being. From next weekend onwards, I will be parked at the PC doing PC 'things'. One of those things will be playing FPS games and making FPSC game makers.

Today's Tasks

Apart from the usual backlog of email, I have cracked on and got more of my AGK projects moving forward, always trying to keep the tennis balls out of my side of the court.  It's a good feeling having lots of tennis balls to blast into the stratosphere but too many of them bouncing around is confusing and a little bit demoralising. I like to knock them back over the fence as soon as they come hurtling towards me where and whenever possible.

Today I had a lot of graphics waiting for me which is always fun, and my app transformed in front of me.  Just spending another 40 minutes moving art around the screen and then calling it a [long] day. The driving and Wigan-side manual labour really takes it out of me, so hopefully a good night's rest will screw my head back on straight.

Keyboard Trouble

For some reason my keyboard seems to go to sleep if I don't type for more than 30 seconds, and it takes numerous jabbing at a key to make it come back to me. I can live with it, and loathe buying a new one [happened just now], so we'll see how long it takes before I go from Defcon 4 (mildly aware) to Defcon 1 (ready to smash the keyboard into little pieces).

Something along the lines of Angry German Kid 4 minutes in:

Signing Off

One of the duties I will have to perform in the coming weeks is to produce some video blogs, so I am re-arranging my office to remove all the old empty boxes that used to line my back wall. I thought it looked suitably geeky and interesting, but apparently it looks like I am living in a junk shop.  I have also been advised to add some promotional posters on the wall befitting a computer type person but the only one I have is from FPS Creator X10 featuring a salivating monster with an uber-rifle jammed up his nose.  Not the impression I want to create! I'd like to use the TGC logo, but I could not find one ten feet high. I might just jump onto eBay and see what kind of posters passes for modern-geek these days.

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