Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday Meeting

Monthly Meet-Up

Most of the time I work in my little Welsh cave coding, blogging and emailing my little fingers away, but today I trekked across hills and dales to meet up with real people for an actual meeting. Discussed lots of things and made some good progress on many battle fronts.

Whilst continuing our meeting over a pub lunch, we captured a photo of a mysterious stranger who sometimes passes through those parts. They simply call him 'The Bug Hunter' aka 'That Fat Git'.

Crunch Week

One of the decisions we came to is that there is not enough work being done on Reloaded, and although we are only about 10 days behind schedule it's a very slippery slope and we want to nip it in the bud now. To this end, starting Tuesday and for the next four days I am entering what is disdainfully known in the industry as crunch mode. Essentially forced labour of coders until the deed is done, which in my case is two apps that need finishing immediately.

I have the support of the whole team to help me in this, and together with help from the publisher involved, we should make lots of progress.  I've just returned from a three hour drive and in the last three days have clocked only 16 hours sleep so I'm firing on all thrusters right now, but the PC is on and emails and tasks await, so thus begins Crunch Week.

Signing Off

My blogs this week will be a little thinner so I can put myself in full focus mode, and only pop in to provide any broad stroke news. My second Ultimate Coder Challenge blog was posted earlier on, so that should appear in the Intel website(s) soon.  I have also made a duplicate of the blog on my side as well which acts as a good back-up and I personally prefer the editing features of the Google Blogger.

If the plans works, starting Monday next, I will be on 95% Reloaded with no AGK apps to distract. If anything else is required on those apps, the work will be delegated outward. As this is not ideal, the plan is to get it right first time and have two apps ready for submission on Friday.  Time to start knocking tennis balls over the net :)


  1. I know what it means to have things that linger, nagging you. Perhaps you should (just this once) Take a week off from blogging here, and get things wrapped up? That way you'll have a rather large update to ReLoaded next week for us, and be back on schedule. Just a suggestion.

    Oh, and you're not a "git" at all. A little chunky, but not a git. ;) To be fair, I'm a "healthy" 240 pounds myself...

  2. I'm looking forward to the eventual reveal of the AGK projects you've kept under wraps for so long ;) I also left a comment on your TUC2 blog, thanks for sharing the prototype build of that progress.

  3. I agree with Keith, less blogging in "Crunch Week". Next week you can be "Bamber Reloaded" again. Your fans (reloaded fans) will understand.

  4. Thanks, I might just take you all up on that! I will still blog to keep a tally, but I will keep it brief this week. The AGK projects are pretty cool, I think you will approve.