Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Super Quick Blog and LIVE Webinar

Been a bit of mixed bag of stuff today, which included a 3 hour power-cut and is soon to include a LIVE Webinar hosted by Intel and discussing Android Game Engine solutions. I will be attending to talk briefly about AGK (App Game Kit) and maybe sharing a few quick glimpses of it. You may also be interested in that if you watch my webinar, I am giving away a special 100% discount code which will allow you to purchase AGK for free, but only for today!  If you are free between 5:30PM GMT and 7PM, then you are welcome to attend:

On the Reloaded front I am currently uploading an internal build which includes the new LUA powered AI, and already it's looking much better than what we had before. Along with all the new LUA commands I think you will be in for a treat!

Must end the quick blog now to set-up a two monitor system, telecom Mac for the audio and get my materials to hand in case the hosted materials disappear in a puff of smoke.  I've done the AGK presentation a tonne of times now so I could probably do this in my sleep :)  If you're curious what AGK has to do with Reloaded, and why it's mentioned here, well throw the clock forward a few years to when we have Reloaded on multiple platforms. What 3D technology do you think we'll be using? ;)

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  1. ok m8 I signed up for your linked webshow thingy lol.. but seriously the form to fill out I had to do was abit much lol, im no vp or president of a company just an average guy off the street...ohwell see you there m8 enjoy.