Thursday, 29 May 2014

More Performance More Fun

We've all created performance improvements today!! Dave improved the AI obstacle generation times. Simon improved grass rendering time and I have improved reflection rendering performance too. We all did good.  Short blog today as I am working on static batching and want to keep on it for a while longer.  Here is a YouTube video I found very funny and made me smile, especially given the project we have embarked on:


Until Friday when I hope to report a few more details in perhaps a longer blog for you. Bottom line is we have some good performance boosts for everyone!


  1. :D

    Funny, I was just looking at this last night!

  2. Is there a full list of new scripting commands anywhere? I know you listed some on a previous blog, but it seems there are more commands than that? I'm looking for a way to change the sky, but not sure if it's available yet. You can set the ambience lighting effects to good effect, is it possible to change the sky at all?

  3. No command to change sky - it would be a priority B that one I think :)

  4. Just noticed something playing the 1.007 beta all shaders look good with the flashlight on lower settings . Everything except animated doors .. They just show black on medium and low shaders when the flashlight hits them

  5. In the newsletter there is a full list of commands