Monday, 19 May 2014

Great A.I Today

For the first time since we started re-writing the A.I we can report that the fun factor has jumped up markedly. By adding in some new code which allows the characters to pivot their guns by up to 75 degrees in each direction, and removing the delays which allowed the characters to stop, aim and fire, the whole combat areas has got a lot more dangerous!  I can no longer finish the sample level with a single life any more, which means you are no longer running around picking them off.  They are picking you off!

As part of my work to get the gun to point in the right direction, I had to fiddle with the character's spine for a while until I got him just so. During this process my enemy struck some very funny postures.

I am sure there are some games that might make use of these positions, but for the moment we will put them on the 'silly pile' and carry on making a serious combat AI system for the masses.

Going to make an internal build now, and then see if the weather will permit a short walk before feeding time.  If I had a choice of dates to call signature days, then this would be one, entitled; 'The Day The AI Did Not Look Stupid'. I have thus commemorated this day by making the character look stupid ;)


  1. All sounds great lee,hope the others are doing well to.

  2. It's always important to stretch before every battle.

    1. Haha indeed, the last thing you want is a cramp just when the played's reached your camp and started killing all your evil buddies :P