Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thursday Day

Normal Hours

Due to the meeting yesterday resetting my clock, I am now on day shift and happy to report a little more progress. Aside from answering emails, updating project documents and a little research, I have added full load and save support for terrains so many different scenes can now be created and stored.

I also solved the terrain physics collision problem which would formerly allow the camera to poke into the terrain polygons. By swelling the height map of the physics system, the has been resolved without any burden on the performance or memory.

To The Point

My thanks as well for the 2D to 3D mouse solution of the terrain cursor, it helped muchly to get my head screwed back on.  Going to do a few more editor related code tasks today and then clock off at the required 5PM. With only one and a half hours left in my normal day, it feels like I have hardly done anything but I guess that's 'normal' :)

Signing Off

I am also thinking ahead to the bug reporting system we should use for Reloaded.  We could use Google Code but strictly speaking it's only for open source projects and very little of Reloaded will be open source initially. I have been looking at Bugzilla and Trac, either of which can be installed on our servers and provide public bug reporting capabilities.  if anyone has any other recommendations for hosted public issue tracking, post here and we'll mull.


  1. Your body clock must be all over the place,loving the work so far.

  2. Meant to finish at 7PM, still here at 9PM. REALLY need to stop now to retain my 'normality' :) Good news is that the entity pointer is now accurate on terrains and hopefully MSAA will follow in the next ten minutes...

    1. I know I keep saying this, but excellent work, Lee! :D

  3. Here's something interesting I come across; Voxel Farm Engine.

    Might be interesting to take a look at it. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Andy. That's a nice looking engine. I like his innovation on the minecraft style editing. His terrain graphics are great but his LOD seemed a bit too close to the camera. We will have fog effects too. Lee, make sure you watch that vid!

  5. If you are interested in what Andy Nicholas posted, then here's a little more about the voxel engine:

    And a 1 minute timelapse video of the voxel editor in use in the upcoming Everquest Next:

    A fun sidenote: Every single voxel in EverQuest Next (meaning every single thing in the map) is destructible in-game :P

  6. For bug tracking and reporting, I use Mantis Bug Tracker for my giLE2D project (level creator for AGK written in Delphi 2010).

    Nice set of features and runs on LAMP. I currently have it on a Linux Mint box.

  7. It would need to run on our Windows server, does it support an easy Windows server installation? We have no time for anything 'involved' :)

  8. Yes, Lee, it installs on Windows.
    There are a bunch of tuts out there that really help, but the install is rather quick.
    Configuration is a little time consuming (takes a couple of hours).

    Here is a link to a video tutorial on setup (there are probably better ones out there...)

    Best of luck with the web site launch and the beta!


  9. Thanks for the link, awesome detail! Is there anything out there that looks 'state of the art'. A few I have looked at so far seem pretty retro. Check out the new website and forum next week and see if you can find a bug tracker that feels like that. Something cool and new wave.

  10. Will do!
    Yes... Mantis is a little "Old School"... :)