Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday Prep

Monday Meeting Prep Day

Prepare for a very short blog, as I have spent the day preparing for a meeting on Tuesday and have left no time to blog about the days activities, just enough time to write this brief note and then a few hours kip.

A Small Game Goal

My goal today was to get the makings of a very small game in place, which meant adding workable AI, physics, health, damage on both sides, a small level to combat within and so forth.

The good news is that I managed it, but I must stress the 'small' and it has also highlighted some more areas I need to look closer at as well. I added some nice touches though such as gun flash for the enemy and player, which really makes the action pop!

Signing Off

A more generous blog will follow on Tuesday with some shots. Most of the day will be 'meeting mode' which basically involves me talking for seven hours, so I won't be fit for much that evening, but I will certainly see if I can polish off the edges of what I have done today and show you some peeks.

It is also very likely priorities will be changed and tasks shifted around as a direct result of the meeting, so be prepared for anything in Tuesday's blog!


  1. Sounds like you have to live in the real world occasionally Lee. Well just take your time but hurry every chance you get.

  2. Great work Lee, remember to get 8 hours rest a day lol

  3. Looking forward to tuesdays blog

  4. If you're getting an abnormally high number of page visits from my IP, it's because I refresh the page every so often between midnight and 1am so I can get the next piece of FPSCR news as soon as possible.

    Either very sad or very committed.

  5. (it's because I refresh the page every so often)
    Me to,i bet were not the only ones.

  6. Lol, I probably refresh the page about 5-30 times per day depending on if there already is an update and whether it's my day off or not.

  7. So I am not the only one? Thank goodness for that. This blog is bookmarked and I come back far too often to check the comments and news.

  8. I probably have about four unique visitors per day to my blog ;) Thanks for the eager interest, plenty more to come!!

  9. I usually refresh about 20 times in the evening and lots of times around midnight in the UK which is when Lee usually updates the blog. I also refresh about 10 times per day on my phone at work for comments.

    Am really looking forward to the Tuesday blog and if Lee has a small game working I would love to see a video of this as screenshots can't really do gameplay justice.

    Only about 4-5 hours until we get to find out!!

  10. Haha lol I also refresh several times per day ;) I also have a separate clock set up in Windows to tell me Lee's current time so I can guesstimate when a new post will appear :P