Friday, 11 October 2013

Friday Fatigue

What A LONG Day

I start this blog with just enough energy to write a single paragraph, but I am far from finished. I was set the mission of adding AI into the engine for Rick's demo which he needs for Saturday 6AM. It's now 4AM, and I still recall the GTALK conversation this afternoon where I wrote in jest that I only had 15 hours to sort it out.  Turns out it was not nearly enough :)

So Much Yet So Little

Amazingly the first four hours was spent answering emails. Sounds insane, but it was really more about delegation and feeding back with detail on the various spinning plates of the Reloaded project. As things come together this communication time will increase I'm sure.

After much writing of emails, I moved onto finishing and fixing the save and load feature which was still presenting problems, and eventually revealed an obscure DirectX video memory issue which the internet did not seem to have a solution for. By reducing the texture plates down to 2048x2048 the problem went away completely. Not satisfactory for the long term, but allowed me to continue to the next thing....however.

Signing Off

More revelations will have to wait. I need to power down and sleep. Thanks for your continued support, yesterday was the highest blog count ever!  More to come ;)


  1. Lee:
    I feel your pain as the hours start to pile up and your eyelids become heavy. The next thing you know your head starts to drop. You are suddenly awaken when your head takes a bounce off the desk and you hear your glass’s break in half. So come on Lee put your hand in your back pocket pick yourself up and carryon .
    All kidding aside Thanks for the hard work.


  2. Fine effort Lee.No worries, I will demo with what I have. Thanks for trying your hardest. I suggest you rest well over the weekend. Don't burn the candle too low. And get some new specs!

  3. Hi Lee,

    Yes have a good rest and if its dry over the weekend in sunny North Wales finish that garden path and chill :-)