Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Putting The Wires Away


Today was about cleaning up my workbench and putting the wires back into the box, making sure that the Reloaded engine is no worse for all the little changes I have inflicted on it this past five days.  In order to create a sense of urgency I also produced an installer for internal testing:

The good news is that most of it went back without a fuss, but there was enough to keep me going as I tested the version back and forth. I also found time to add a few more core tweaks in there too such as the ability to save which terrain, sky and vegetation your level used when you save the level file. I also aligned the sky scrolling system to match that of the legacy classic system, removing the cloud portal idea for the moment.

There is a chance my Internet will be down Thursday, so I have uploaded my emergency internal test installer and will be starting the Memory Management part of my week which will attempt to analyse where all my system memory is going, and why the engine suddenly decides not to create relatively small contiguous chunks of memory when I need it.  Dave Ravey has done a grand job creating the memory manager subsystem reporting tool, now I need to integrate it and see what comes out the other side.

So far it looks like I won't be restoring my sleeping pattern this week, so hopefully the lack of Internet bringing new emails on Thursday will allow me to finish my regular coding quota early so I can reign in these 4AM finishes!


  1. thanks for all the hard work so far lee m8, and the email at 4am, glad to hear you got a few more fps out of my hood level :)

  2. Lee i dont know if someone has mentioned this already but in test game im getting 30-40 fps but in standalone 10-15 not sure why but just thought id let you know(: